Dr. Kuo's passion for industrial design stems from her goal to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. She is interested in integrating human perceptions to facilitate the development of innovative design methodologies. Her primary research has explored the field of Kansei engineering, which aims to systematically transfer user experience—whether physical or psychological aspects—into design parameters, in the hope of uncovering sustainable solutions for humanity.

Recently, our team is working on intelligent human-machine interfaces for shared mobility. Aspects of research in the lab also cover:

- Technology that assists the design evaluation and collaboration, e.g., eye-tracking, generative AI, immersive reality 

- Affective properties of ergonomic devices and/or multi-sensory experience, e.g., 3D printing, GSR, EMG.

Keywords: User experience; Kansei engineering; Human-centered design; Applied ergonomics; Data-centric product/system innovation